7 Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Important in 2024

7 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Important in 2024

7 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Important in 2024

Video marketing may be your way to go – you should try it. This article describes the seven best marketing reasons for having a video for your business. It’s a fact – video marketing is mighty! Today, more and more companies are engaging with this marketing channel to gain a competitive edge, amid other expectations. This is the age when the average person spends a large part of the day scrolling social media apps, thus brands need to modify their strategy and concentrate on commanding the consumers’ attention through video content. While video marketing is understood as a mission-critical tool that can make a difference to many companies nowadays, some still do not appreciate its effectiveness.

Having a well-structured video marketing strategy brings many benefits. The goody is enormous—from displaying your services and brands and narrating your story to fueling interaction and revenue increase. Furthermore, videos are unquestionably more prominent among visual content. Video marketing is vital because it boosts your brand online and helps you effortlessly tell your customers complicated things.

A good example is the idea that top platforms such as TikTok are going viral and showing just how important video content is. In truth, 88% of customers want ads marked with more video content, so it will be a lost market if you don’t use the video content. This article will show you why you need to visualize your marketing strategy, and I will give you seven reasons why you should consider video content marketing for your business.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is the term that is precisely the opposite of what the word says, when brands create video content to raise their online presence. Video can be published on YouTube, social networks, or webinars. But, it can also come in courses, live videos, or self-hosted videos. When done correctly, video messages can be the ultimate tool of brand storytelling and displayed in a medium that allows for the broadest possible scope. It does the function for both B2C and B2B modules of content strategies.

The best part of video content marketing is that it becomes more and more doable, especially with the rising sophistication of different video marketing technologies in the market. Platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok open doors for different brands with or without the technical skills of video recording and editing. There is something for each brand now.

Why is Video Marketing So Important?

Video production businesses have become flexible enough to provide social media platforms with their video-related content. They realize the importance of good-quality videos with engaging stories and why those videos bring higher sales and website traffic. To what extent is video marketing vital for your company?

Videos are presented in various forms like live videos, animation videos, webinars, and screen recordings. The previously cited survey by Wyzowl found that the most popular types of videos by marketers are:

Live-action videos – 42%

Animated videos – 33%

Screen recording -16%

There is no denying that marketing with video content is important to brands because it gives them a less costly and, at the same time, effective way to interact with consumers and take their financial management by the horns. Online users have short attention spans, and their understanding is gaining influence; therefore, brands have to use content mediums that can deliver messages rapidly. If you need more proof, I have listed the top 7 reasons you should implement video marketing in your business.

Boosts Conversions and Sales:

First things first. Videos absolutely can make a good amount of money for you. Videos are a great way of making your landing page more interactive, in that case, the probability of conversions significantly increases to 80%. Without Treepodia, your videos will never deliver the best solution irrespective of the categories in which you will employ video marketing strategies. The activities can also be a conveyor of sales. While it is crucial to understand the basics of product video creation, now is the time to implement your skills and start making those exciting videos of your product line.

Though it may sound strange, the effectiveness of videos is not that unbelievable either. Vision is, without a doubt, our top sense experience. Statistics show that most information people plant in their brains is visual. Therefore, if photos can already increase engagement rates, think of how hiring the services of a video marketing company can influence your sales. You can now feature videos on your web page more captivatingly and authentically to showcase your product or service. The ultimate goal is to engage customers in the brand, which triggers the sales and conversion process.

Improves SEO:

Video content marketing brings about one more benefit – it promotes search indexing rates. Making YouTube videos aimed at gaining a high rank in search engines by utilizing the popular keywords in your particular sector is a great way to get on the ladder of search engine rankings. This explains why video gets top priority in search engine result pages and video pages get individual attention for video search pages.

Filming high-quality videos and using SEO tactics are crucial to helping you reach a wider audience and displaying your videos on the first pages. Through high-quality video content, the consumer receives more information on your products and services besides knowledge of your brand, leading to traffic to your website. This way, traffic data are generated as click-throughs, and circulation is the major Google ranking indicator.

Thus, your website will get more clicks and visitors later in SERPs, and your post will rank higher here. Google is growing technically, and extracting pictures from videos is becoming increasingly possible, another crucial advantage in SEO optimization. SEO is also a much more convenient way of marketing since it churns out well on several platforms.

Opens The Doors To New Platforms:

It’s easy to see why video is essential for marketing. Without it, you won’t be able to advertise on some of the web’s most high-yield marketing platforms. Starting the first stage of developing a beautiful marketing video is good, but you will later attract considerable attention to this content’s further usage in many sources. Video could be a fundamental factor in your promotion campaign when you use YouTube, Video-On-Demand Services, or work with influencers.

In this way, this type of sale frequency is still crucial, given that shopping behaviours constantly changed during 2020 due to the pandemic. Based on the latest research, 90% of personas make cent fan global names on YouTube, and more than 40% of people have become active players who have purchased the product.

Builds Brand Trust And Loyalty:


Marketing, in general, is about creating and maintaining trust and relations between the brand and the consumers. A strong foundation, developed by working with customers smoothly, is one you can trust that your customers will use as an advocate for your marketplace on the market. Videos, indeed, succeed in doing this successfully with several examples. It’s more possible that video will appeal to users more than text or image stills and that users may have different emotions when thinking about them. Videos have the power of storytelling and showing the product; people respond emotionally, which they remember.

Advertising through YouTube has a huge impact on the formation of many consumers’ confidence in the product, as promotion clips on this channel are known for boosting visitors’ trust. If you have a well-executed video strategy, you can share your products in a way that looks less forced and more conversational.

Internet users are not likely to perceive that trust extends to advertisements; however, your products featured in advert-engaging ways mean they are trustworthy. With each video they create to showcase the kind of these they sell, they become known as the experts, build trust, and give their potential customers a chance to shop their ideas without actually buying.

Increase Website Traffic:

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase the traffic on your site. So, consider it your first step if you want traffic to your site. With email newsletter software, you can get the website and brand to attract more visitors and retain brand awareness, as well as your subscribers, by sending them the newsletter regularly. Ensure that your emails are relevant. A compelling call to action (CTA) that will convert readers into visitors is also important.

In your marketing proposal, the possibility of using the media of email marketing to advertise sales and hence draw more traffic to particular web pages of your business is not ruled out. Yet don’t forget that email marketing, when used effectively, can boost your website traffic. To achieve this aim, you must ensure your messages will be read.

Ultimately, do not overdo the emails sent, as they may appear harassing. The line of differentiation between sending your email subscribers emails too often and keeping a regular schedule is thin.

Google Loves Videos:

Videos can help you to do two important things: increment time spent by visitors on your site and create a presentation for your product/service. This, in turn, leads to a time of lengthy exposition, a signal to search engines that the site has good content. If you have a video embedded on your page, the chance that you will be the first website displayed in the Google listings increases up to 53 times. In the past, Google was just a search engine page without a video interaction. However, since they bought YouTube, they have blended the two. Because of the integration, videos significantly affect the rank of the search engine.

When search engines, especially Google, see how videos hold visitors on your website longer, they will consider your website credible and have high-quality content. Virtualization, integration, and sharing of information between various search engines and video providers such as YouTube which are Google-owned, brings more of the videos’ significance to affect your search engines’ ranking.

Likewise, you should optimize the videos the same way you optimize the texts and ensure that both are optimized for SEO. Whenever you write your blog posts, use catchy yet informative titles that will link back to your website or products, where readers will follow the links to check them out.

A Good Return on Investment:

You can be sure that what you get for your video implementation will be different from what the next or the next person gets, depending on various things like how you manage your content strategy and the quality of your videos. You may rely on the notion that video adds more costs and time to production. However, the investment of money is no longer a deciding factor in getting a good video; today, a lot of technology is available to people that can get them a video fast, regardless of their budget.

With smartphones possessing high-level video recorders through their cameras and software solutions like VideoScribe and Doodly making creating engaging explainer videos simpler and less expensive, most of us can make videos. Producing your video cheaply implies reaching the break-even point while selling your videos is easier.

Consumers Easily Learn About Your Product:

If you emphasize the video, you should serve your user. Video is a more effective way of launching a new service or product than simple textual content. Clarifying how your product functions can help users better understand the service and be more likely to buy the product.

Also, videos facilitate teaching complex concepts better than stills. For example, you could incorporate yourself using a captivating animation that demos your product. Of course, no one likes to see a video about two guys discussing a product, so imagine someone you know doing this.

Consumers will order your product only when these aspects make sense to them, hence they will start using it. Logically, it becomes the most used for the case as the visual appeal of the videos makes explaining how things work easier for businesses.

Are You Ready to Invest in Video Marketing?


Hopefully, by now you are convinced that video marketing, that is, using this strategy for your business, is essential. It could be a way to effectively set and achieve various goals or, simultaneously, give you a higher return than other forms of marketing platforms. The secret is choosing the appropriate type of videos, depending on the purpose, and using visual storytelling and emotional appeal to give you a rough idea of your target audience.

If you believe video power is inevitable, then consider video marketing in your marketing strategy this year. It’s a beautiful way to lead your business towards a future.


Videos can serve as an excellent marketing medium and effective communication tool. High-quality video creation has become easier than ever for corporate use. If you have not included videos in your content strategy, consider experimenting with a few projects.

Looking for ideas to boost your marketing activities? Collaborate with MediaEclips, the specialist in digital marketing strategies. Give us a chance to create for you, compelling video marketing campaigns that will engage your target user base. Don’t hesitate and reach out to us now! These video marketing methods we use are sure to develop your business!


Your video content can range from amusing to awe-inspiring and has the potential to keep the audience’s attention. Video products such as explainers, how-tos, case studies, educational videos, testimonials, and live Q&A are among the most effective video formats you can utilize for your brand.

The single aspect of any video creation tool that is described more clearly is its editing features. Editing is the practice of re-taking, highlighting, reshooting, and expounding your movie clips to portray a linear and attractive story.

Many companies need additional time to deal with this issue, so they often hire a video marketing agency to do the job for them. Cooperation with the video marketing company would be great as it would ease service pressure on the management. We take care of everything from filming to editing, posting, and monitoring.

Consumer intent often involves searching YouTube for product reviews and further information on the intended brand. Because most product reviews are genuine and honest, people are more likely to rely on them. Influencer marketing today strives for its dominance as well. An endorsement from a stylish influencer or a review about your products posted online will affect a big audience, giving you more visitors and sales. Hereby, video marketing can make a significant impact on buyers’ decisions.

Video marketing can help create credence and solidarity. Consumers seek to make the best decision when choosing a service or product. This leads them to choose recognized brands and products they are accustomed to using. Consequently, writing high-quality videos is an excellent chance to show the target audience your skills and expertise in your industry and thus develop customer loyalty.

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