Terms And Conditions

Use of Services

Mediaeclips emphasizes that plagiarism and copyright infringement are serious criminal offences. We assure our customers that we protect their copyrights, confidential documents and classified information.

Please note that Mediaeclips does not endorse or indirectly endorse the content of your website unless expressly permitted. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, the client must settle any outstanding accounts before the specified deadline in order to have the website hosted on their preferred platform. Access to user credentials and making the website live over the internet will be granted only after the client’s account has cleared.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The content provided on this website is current and correct. It has the exclusive property of Mediaeclips and may not be reproduced without the written permission of Mediaeclips. Reprinting or duplication of any material from this site without the prior consent of Mediaeclips has strictly prohibited.


By using the Services provided by Mediaeclips, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Agreement. Your access to and use of Mediaeclips Services is subject to your agreement to comply with all applicable laws and the terms of this Agreement. In order to access certain additional Mediaeclips services, you may be required to agree to additional terms.

User Responsibility

The user of this website warranties to Mediaeclips that using this website shall not be unlawful, breaching the contracting in either way including transmitting, sending, posting, showing, circulating, using documents, scanning, transmission of documents/images/data of any source, bothering, defamatory, shameful, explicit, fiery, indecent, sexually situated, or any type of dishonoring material. In case of breaching/infringement of the terms, Mediaeclips reserve the rights to end the order services without any priror notice.

Responsible for Alteration

The price is subject to change if the client changes the initial requirements for any project. If the client cancels the order after placement, 50% amount of the total project is to be due as cancellation fee on client’s end.

Please note that in order to obtain an EPP code or an authorization code to transfer or redeem a domain, the customer must pay half of the total domain and hosting fees as a transfer or redemption fee.

If the customer does not renew their hosting plan, Mediaeclips will store a backup of their data for up to 7 days from the expiration date. After this time, the account will be deleted and the company will no longer store backup files on the server. We strongly recommend that you renew your hosting within 7 days of expiration or keep a separate copy of your data to avoid any inconvenience. Mediaeclips takes no responsibility of the use of service/website once the backup/passwords are shared.

No Warranty

Mediaeclips accepts no liability for delays in requirements document from the client’s end. In order to receive an efficient service, it is imperative that the customer cooperates with the company. If the customer does not provide the required information or does not respond within 40 days, the order will be automatically cancelled, and all payments made will become void. It is advised to receive & change the credentials right after receiving. Mediaeclips shall not be liable for any use of the website on third party hosts. Also, Mediaeclips never guarantees to keep backup of the data in case of hosting expiry / host shift or third party hosting services.


Mediaeclips reserves the rights to report any misuse of the website to any government offices including law.